Colleen has been nominated for two awards for her excellent writing!  I encourage you to send her congratulations (as well as feedback) on this honor.  Way to go Colleen!!


"A Kindness"   (R, slight slash) 

Tara comforts Buffy and Buffy returns the favor.

"A Tale of Two"  

Spike gets split in two.  For an alternate ending, read "It Takes Two".  (the alternate ending has an NC-17 rating)

"A Thousand Kisses"  

Buffy tries to make up for her abusing Spike, but isn't sure where to start.

"Absent Fathers"

Spike understands Dawn more than she or Buffy knows.

"After the Game"  

Spike and Clem have a chat.


Set at the end of 'Him'.  A much better ending than what we got.

"All Our Yesterdays"  

Spike finally has what he deserves.

"All That Comes After" 

Colleen's take on Season 8, if there had been one.

"All We've Ever Done Is Dance"  

A poem about Spike and Buffy's 'dance'.


Buffy finds out Angel is in love with Cordelia and has some thoughts about Spike.


Set after Spike gets his soul back.  He has some things to say to the Scoobs.

"April Fool For Love"   

Dawn plays an April Fool's joke on Buffy and Spike gets a surprise.

"As It Is"  

Riley's thoughts on his visit to Sunnydale.

"At the Mall"  

Buffy and Spike go to the mall.


Spike finally wakes up.

"A Wrinkle In Time"  

A Quantum Leap/BTVS crossover fic.


Spike does a favor for Angel and Buffy helps out.  


Dawn has a bad experience and Spike decides to intervene. 

"Bedtime Story"

It's just what it says it is.  

"Beneath Her" (NC-17)

An AU story.  Some people are doomed to make the same relationship mistakes over and over.  

"Beside the Dumpster"  

Buffy's POV during the 'dumpster' scene in "DoubleMeat Palace".

"Best Served Cold"  

Of course it's about revenge...

"Bite of Life"  

The slayer gets bitten by a rattlesnake, and there's only one person around who can do the 'bite, suck, spit' thing to save her. <eg>

"Bless My Soul"  

Xander tries to cause problems for Spike...AGAIN!!


Everybody needs a friend.  Spike finds one from an unexpected source.

"Boxed In Day"

Post-Christmas fic.  Spike handles the holidays.

"Boys Will Be" 

Spike and Xander have a boys night out.


A conversation between Spike and Dru, before they split.


Spike catches Buffy on break and gets quite a surprise.


Spike has had enough. I wish it would really happen this way.

"Brief Encounter"  

If you miss things being like they were 'Something Blue', you'll love this.

"Bring Out Your Dead"  

William dies and Spike is born.


Spike, after Buffy dumped him. 

"Brotherly Advice"  

Spike.  The wrapping around the little finger thereof.


Buffy has some bumps and bruises.

"By Invitation Only"  

Buffy receives an invitation, but she's not sure why.


Buffy receives a late night call from Spike.

"Came Back Wrong"

It's a horror story.  No, not that kind.  The kind where you've written a part you quite liked, and get an error message saying "restart windows" but you haven't saved it.  When it comes back up, you don't see the part you've just written, and cry out in frustration.  You start typing, trying to reconstitute it, when you notice that the part you had written earlier is there underneath.  That kind of horror story.  (At least it all turned out well).


Buffy has a bad dream.  Spike explains the concept of 'feral cats'.


Spike and Dawn have some issues.


Another way to get Spike out of the basement at the school.

"Chasing Willow"  

If you've seen 'Chasing Amy', you don't need a description.  

"Chicken Soup for the Soul"  

Set at the end of Season 6, and oh so much better than what we're getting.


Spike makes up his mind.


Buffy has to make a very difficult decision when she finds Wood trying to stake Spike.

"Clem's Tale"  

Clem confides in Spike.

"Coffee Date"  

Buffy meets Tara for coffee.  Buffy comes clean about how Spike got hurt. (takes place after 'Older and Far Away')

"Cold, Cold Heart"  

Xander goes to Spike for help.

"Cold Hands"  

Some memories are too hard to recreate.  

"Colleen's Christmas Wish"

A scene Colleen would like to see between Spike and Buffy, and I have to agree.


Spike asks for advice from an unexpected source.


Spike, Buffy, and Angel have it out.

"Conversations in a Cemetery"  

Set after "Normal Again", Spike and Buffy have a conversation.  In a cemetery.  

"Cooped Up"  

Your mind wonders when you can't get away.


Spike and Buffy get a visit from Cordelia and Angel.  Everyone ends up surprised.

"Curious Youth"  

Dawn asks Spike a question to which we'd all like to know the answer.

"Czech Mate"  

Spike gets affected by that 'google whatever it was' demon from 'Normal Again'.  What does his 'alternate reality' look like?  Read and find out.

"Damn Chip" 

Because some muggers deserve to be eaten.


What would happen if Spike and Buffy managed to have a child?  (added Part 6 - Family)


Buffy has a much deserved nightmare.  Will it wake her up?

"Day 138"   

Spike told Buffy he saved her every night since she died.  How'd he do it on day 138?


Spike finds a way to deal with his relationship with Buffy.

"Dear Angel"  

Spike writes a letter to the souled one...well, the first souled one.

"Dear Spike"  

Spike gets an unexpected letter.

"DeCrypted & ReCrypted"  

Something bad happens at Spike's crypt.

"Deja Vu"   

Spike has an accident.


Spike manages to pull it together when someone needs him.


Someone is thinking about Spike...who can blame her??

"Domestic Life"   

Spike and Buffy...with a big dose of suburbia.

"Don't Know Your Own Strength"  

What would Buffy do if she broke Xander?

"Don't Quit Your Night Job"

Spike has a new job.  Someone doesn't care for it. 


Spike's in the basement and there are just too many Buffys.  

"Double Date"  

In ‘Brotherly Advice’, Dawn tried to convince Spike that she should go out with Jonathan.  This is the sequel.

"Double Standard"   

For those of you who are sick of Spike being the only one who never gets a break.

"Doublemeat Dating"  

Very cute fic.  Clem and Sophie want Spike and Buffy to go on a double date with them.  Buffy's being difficult.


Spike experiences a small miracle.


Spike and Buffy finally understand what 'real' means.

"Easter Bunny"  

Spike gets an Easter surprise.

"Entropy - Spike's Story"   

The episode, 'Entropy', told from Spike's POV.


Yet another way to get Spike out of the basement...and make him sane as a bonus.  Too bad we won't get it on the show.

"Evil Unleashed"  

It looks like Spike's been a bad boy, will the SG turn on him before they know the whole story?  Don't you already know the answer to that question??

"Face Off"   

Spike has his say to all the Scoobs.

"Facing It"  

Someone is having some thoughts about won't guess who.


Spike and Dawn have a cup of hot chocolate and talk about Joyce.


Spike has had enough of Buffy's crap.  Buffy finds out that she needs Spike.

"First Christmas"

It's someone's first Christmas.

"First Day"  

Dawn reflects on her life.

"First Time"  

Spike and Buffy talk.  Fluffy.


The arrival of the Chinese potential brings back some bad memories for Spike.

"Four Wishes"  

In 'Something Blue', Willow made her will be done.  Did she ever really undo it?

"Freudian Slip" 

Mushiness.  Willow asks Buffy about something that's bothering her.


Someone is thinking of Spike.

"Full Slate"  

(5 parts so far) Based on "Tabula Rasa".  What would life for the Scooby gang be like if they really were the people they believed themselves to be in the episode?  (Spike=Randy, Buffy=Joan, etc.)  Part 2 is NC-17, so if you're not of age, skip it and go to Part 3!!

"Getting Ready"

Spike gets ready to see Buffy.  Kind of set during 'Smashed', before the infamous boiking scene.


A scene we'd all like to see.

"Growing Up Too Fast"  

Dawn asks for Spike's help.


Buffy tries to delude herself.


Buffy thinks about Spike's hands.  Not exactly my choice of his anatomy to dote on, but to each her own, right?

"Hard Day's Night"  

Spike takes care of Buffy after she has a hard day at the Doublemeat Palace.

"Hard Day's Night"  

Set in Season 7 after Spike moves in Xander's closet, Spike is being controlled by a....let's just call it a 'force', okay?

"Heading Out" 

Spike's moving out.

"Heart to Heart"

Takes place after "Once More With Feeling".  Spike has a heart to heart talk with someone.

"Heart to Heart 2"

A companion piece to "Heart to Heart".

"Heaven Can Wait"  

Too bad Buffy can't remember this.


A poem.


Set after the end of 'Help'.  Buffy goes to see Spike in the basement.


Ever wonder if rerun hell is as frustrating for the characters as it is for us?


Spike comes back from Africa to discover all hell has broken loose.  (23 parts - complete)

"House Guests"  

Sequel to "Population Explosion" and "And Somebody Makes Three".  Buffy and Spike are together, thanks to a bit of help from the happy newlyweds (Harmony and Riley Finn).  Due to an outbreak of vampire fertility, of which Angel's son was the first result, vampires and humans involved with vampires are getting pregnant all over the world.  Sneaky Powers That Be.  Now a very pregnant Buffy and Spike have some visitors.  Just what they need, right?

"Hung Up"  

Buffy's hearing things...or is she?

"I Love You"  

In response to a challenge.  Some words are easier to say than others.

"If Only"  

Buffy finally considers her actions.

"If Thine"  

Spike tries to appease Buffy, but does it work?

"If You"   

A poem describing Buffy's feeling where Spike is concerned.

"I Know Whose Side She's On" 

Set after 'Sleeper', Dawn's doing some thinking.  Not so Spike-friendly.

"In Dreams"

How do Spike's dreams compare to reality?

"In the Closet"  

Someone is borrowing Spike's, room...and has a surprising visitor.  

"In the Yard" 

Set before 'The Killer In Me', Spike and Buffy have a talk.

"Inclement Weather"  

Spike enjoys a rare day in Sunnydale.


A poem reflecting what seem to be inconsistencies in Spike's personality.


Dawn has some questions.


Clem and Sophie talk about Spike and Buffy.

"Internal Monologue"

Buffy has a chat with herself.

"In the Dark"  

Spike's insane, living in the basement, and thoughts of Buffy haunt him.

"In the Still of the Night"   

Buffy's thoughts after finding Spike and Anya together.

"Into Thin Air"  

Proof that Spike has chemistry with the air itself. 


A night patrolling with an insane Spike isn't quite what Buffy expected.

"It's The Great Vampire, Charlie Brown"

Okay, so it won't happen on the show, but we can hope.  Read it anyway.  Besides, Xander kinda reminds me of Charlie Brown.  I guess that leaves Spike as Snoopy. 


Spike thinks about things and realizes that 'what goes around, comes around'. 

"Keeping Cool"  

Did Spike know that the eggs he had in 'As You Were' were evil?  

"Lady Hobiscuit"   

A parody.  If you haven't been spoiled for episode 16 yet, skip it until later.

"La Piets"  

A little extra for the ending of 'Beneath You'.

"Listening at the Door"  

Buffy is eavesdropping on Spike, and is not too pleased about what she hears.

"Little Sis"

Since the buttheads who write for the show won't give us any Spike/Dawn interaction, Colleen has. Thank goodness.

"Long Awaited"

It's the wedding we've all been waiting for. 

"Long Dark Night"  

Xander drinks...and thinks.

"Love and Death"  

Spike thinks about something Angelus once told him regarding Buffy and comes up with his own interpretation of it.

"Love Decanted"  

A Spike/mug fiction.  C'mon, you know he has chemistry with anything.

"Love Hurts"  

Set after Buffy dumps Spike.  Tara talks the slayer into going out to see a friend perform at The Bronze.

"Love Lost"  

Set after 'Selfless', Buffy and Willow talk about love.

"Love Revealed"  

Set before 'Him'.  Willow does a spell with some...interesting...results.

"Lucifer Rising"  

A Spikey poem.

"Made For Each Other"

Riley's back in town and has a surprise for everyone.  The next story in the series is by perletwo and is called "Best Revenge".

"Making Do"

The slayer reflects.

"Memo to Self"  

Even evil needs to keep track of its priorities.

"Mental Block"  

Set after 'Dead Things', Buffy stops by to see Spike and is appalled at the shape he's in.

"Middle of the Day"  

Spike's trying to get some much needed sleep, but Buffy shows up and wants something else.


Spike needs a date for Xander and Anya's wedding.

"Moonlight Swim"

Buffy takes a dive.


The morning after.  

"Mother-Daughter Chat"  

Fills in a few blanks that were made by 'Normal Again'.

"Mother's Day"  

It's Mother's Day and Spike is disturbed.

"Moulin Rouging"

Spike and Buffy watch a movie together.

"Mrs. Finn"  

Written before 'As You Were', and about ten billion times better than the crappy episode turned out to be.  (includes parts 1-3, as well as Spike and Cordy's stories)

"Never Be Undone"  

Spike ponders things he's done. 

"Never Normal"  

Based on 'Normal Again', some extreme angst.


Someone visits Spike in the basement and gives him some news.

"New Year" 

Set before Spike was rescued...someone has a happy new year.

"Nice Guy"  

Riley's back, and he's still a bastard.

"None So Blind"   

Anya clears something up.  (spoilers for "Gone")

"Of Chips And Men"

The troika (Jonathan, Andrew and Warren) know Spike has a chip.  What will they do with the information?

"Old Friends"  

Some things can't be replaced.  

"On A Quiet Night" 

Spike sits quietly while Buffy talks.

"On Christmas Day in the Morning"

A sequel to "Honey of a Christmas".  Spike, Buffy, and Dawn share Christmas together, but they have some unseen company.

"On the Telly"  

Set before 'Conversations With Dead People', Buffy and Willow are watching TV and learn an interesting fact.  (not necessarily Spike-centric, but a good read anyway)

"Once More into the Breach"  

Spike goes back to complain to the demon who gave him his soul back.  

"Once Tomorrow"

Spike reflects on things.

"One Evening in Sunnydale"

Spike and Buffy go to visit Xander and Anya.  

"One Night"  

Spike wants something different from Buffy, even if it's just for one night. 

"One Room Over"  

Based on 'Normal Again'.  Spike is in the room next to Buffy's.

"On Top of Things"  

Someone isn't what they appear to be.


Answer to a challenge for Xander to become gay in an AU story where Spike was sans sheet in Gone, and fight with Buffy for him.  

"Out of Touch"   

Spike has missed out on a lot of things since he went to get his soul.

"Outpost Vampire"  

Set in the future, Spike thinks about the past.


After Buffy dumps him, Spike visits someone he hasn't talked to in a while.


Spike's thoughts during the alley scene of 'Dead Things'.

"Past Present"  

Spike past comes back to haunt him.

"Persistence Of Visions"

Be glad you aren't a mad, psychic vampire.


Spike's soul helps him see things in a new light.

"Population Explosion"

Sequel to "Made for Each Other" and "Best Revenge" (by perltwo).

"Porch Steps"  

A bit of fluff.  Someone is using Spike and Buffy's porch.

"Pregnant Pause"  

Buffy gets a surprise.

"Puppy Love"  

Spike makes a new friend.

"Pure Happiness"  

A Cordy/Angel conversation, but Spike just happens to come up.

"Q and A" 

Spike and Buffy's daughter is a chatterbox and is constantly asking questions.  (added parts 38-58)

"Quarter To Three"  

This is my answer to my crossover fic challenge on Spike's Salvation - Spike interacts with a character(s) from a nonwhedonverse TV show, movie or book.

"Racked Up"  

Ever wonder what happened to Rack?


Spike has an argument with himself.


Finally, Buffy feels it.


A response to Mel's 100 word challenge.

"Rerun Hell"  

Does rerun hell bug the characters as much as it bugs us?


Not exactly Spike centric, but there is discussion of him.  Just read it.


Buffy's thoughts as she falls asleep.


Spike gives Xander what he deserves. 


Spike and Buffy finally reunite after his visit to Africa.


Spike gets an unexpected roommate.

"Sad Sestina"  

A Spikey poem.

"Say It Again"  

Spike has finally found something he never gets tired of hearing.

"Scene I Wouldn't Like to See"

We've all heard the 'Spike gets a girlfriend' rumors.  Colleen wrote this short ficlet based on that rumor.  But I have to admit, I'd love to see this happen!

"Scenes from a Romance"  

Just another day in Sunnydale.

"Scenes from a Soul"  

Spike's got issues.

"Secrets You've Been Concealing"  

Everyone has secrets.

"Self Esteem"  

Spike, after getting his soul back, thinks about what was wrong between him and Buffy.


Buffy pays for how she treated Spike in S6.


Sometimes you get an awakening from an unexpected source.

"She Knew"  

Spike comes to a few realizations after reflecting on the events in 'Older and Far Away'.


You never know who's listening...even when you're just shopping.

"Showing Restraint"   

Spike.  Buffy.  Handcuffs.  'Nuff said.

"Shut Up and Kiss Me"  

Buffy and Spike discuss his new situation.

"Silly Little Scene"

Only not so silly.  Too bad we'll never see it happen.


A dark ficlet set after Season 6.  It's a lonely feeling when you miss someone you care for.  


If ME used this as an ending to BtVS, I don't think anyone would be complaining...except the Ducks.  <eg>

"Sleeping Together"  

Spike reflects on his relationship with Buffy, and finally manages to get some peaceful sleep.

"So, How Do You Like Your Job"

Someone has an encounter with Spike.

"Something Else"  

What if 'Something Blue' had ended differently?

"Something in Common"  

Buffy, Anya, and Willow find they have something in common while discussing the event that occurred in 'Him'.

"Something Like A Dream"

Spike is surprised by Buffy's reaction to a dream she has.

"Sorry, Wrong Number"  

Set in the summer after Season 6, Spike has a mishap when he goes to tell Buffy about his soul.

"Sorting It Out"  

Buffy and Dawn discuss Spike and Xander.

"Soul Call"  

Some people have roll calls.  In Sunnydale, they have 'Soul Calls'.

"Soul Decision"  

Set after 'Conversations With Dead People', Buffy investigates Spike's behavior.


Takes place right after 'Flooded'.  Buffy has a visitor.  Spike doesn't like it.


This was written before 'Dead Things' aired for those who wondered about the handcuffs.

"Spikin' The Tardis"

A "Doctor Who" crossover.


Halfrek thinks about William.


Spike works his poetry on Buffy.

"Stonecold Unrequited"  

Another longs for Spike's touch. 

"Stray Bullets"  

What if Warren had gotten off a better shot??


Buffy thinks about Spike.


A poem.

"Sunshine on My Shoulders"  

Continuation of 'Puppy Love'.

"Surprise Party"   

The gang decides to surprise Spike. 

"Tea and Sympathy"  

Buffy and Tara chat over tea.


Angelus tries to teach Spike, but Spike isn't interested.

"Tea Party"  

Dru discusses things with Miss Edith over tea.

"The Alleys of Sunnydale"

Spoilers for 'Wrecked'.  We all saw Spike try to attack the lady in the alley and knew what he was thinking and feeling.  Ever wonder what was going through the woman's head?

"The Best Intentions"  

Not really Spike-centric, but it is slayer centric.  

"The Chair"  

Buffy and Xander discuss Spike after the Bringers take him away.

"The Chapel"  

Much needed S/B fluff.  

"The Choice" 

Revisiting the past can be painful. 

"The Cut"  

Much needed Spike/Buffy fluff.  

"The Date"  

Buffy has a date with someone unexpected.  

"The Lecture" 

Dawn has some things to say to Buffy about Spike.

"The List"  

Would Spike really bite all the Scoobies if he had the chance??

"The Monster"  

Monsters will always be a part of Buffy's  life.

"The Mirror"  

Buffy sees things in the mirror that she's not ready to face.

"The Mourners" 

The Scoobs miss someone who's gone.

"The New Girl"  

Someone does some thinking.

"The Pact" 

Spike and Dawn make a deal.

"The Poker Game"  by Peter Hillerup

This was written by Colleen's husband after she asked him to write out the hands of a poker game for a story she was working on.  Instead, he wrote out a game with dialogue.  Very cute.

"There'll Be Some Changes Made"  

Set before Spike went to Africa, he decides to make some changes.

"The Rescue"  

Sometimes he has his good days...but then again...

"The Shower"  

Sequel to "House Guests".  Buffy gets a surprise.  Spike goes out with the guys, but ends up with a surprise as well.

"The Suitor"  

Buffy reflects on her connections to vampires.

"The Wall"  

Spike's considers what he did to Buffy in her bathroom.

"The Undead English Patient"  

Proof that all men are babies when they're sick...even if they happen to vampires as well.

"The Written"   

What if part of Spike's African journey had involved a written exam??

"The Zippo"   

Was I the only one who wondered how Spike's lighter ended up at Buffy's?

"There Are No Words"  

A little Buffy introspection.

"There Was a Time"

Spike reflects on Buffy's past.

"This I Can Teach You"

Written before any spoilers from 'Wrecked' came out.  Satisfies the need for some positive Spike action.

"Three Nerds"  

No, not the Troika.


Sometimes there's only one person you can count on.

"Time is Not to be Taken for Granted"

Future fic that proves forever may not be as long as you think.


Spike's torment continues.

"To See"  

Set after Spike leaves town in Season 6, Buffy finally sees.

"To Serve Mankind"  

Future fic.  Buffy learns that someone else is much better at helping people than she is.

"Training Day" 

Spike has some admirers.  


 Fluffy AU fic.  Buffy asks Spike how he got his soul back.

"Trick or Treat"  

A Halloween fic set in Season 7.


Spike gets a chatty visitor.

"Turning Point"  

Spike has an argument with himself.

"Two AM"  

Sometimes the best conversations in the world take place during the wee hours of the morning (or night, depending on your POV).

"Unaired Scene"   

We didn't get to hear what Buffy and Angel discussed, but maybe it went something like this. 


The story of a demon who was just a bit different.

"Under The Tree"

Santa gives Buffy something she needs for Christmas.


The Scooby Gang has to deal with the unexpected...and unwanted.

"Unexpected News"  

Buffy gets a couple of letters in the mail that impart some interesting information.


Future fic.  Spike and Buffy discuss a new addition to the SG.


Tragedy strikes, but from tragedy have to read to find out.


A fluffy Valentine's Day fiction.  See Colleen's note at the beginning of the story.


Spike has been pushed to his limit.


Someone tries to help Buffy.


Spike learns that his chip is gone.

"Walkin' My Baby Back Home"  

A sequel to "The Date".  

"Walk the Dark Night"  

Things aren't always what they seem.


Proof that walls may protect you from pain, but they can keep you from happiness.

"Wasted Time"  

Giles comes to town and gives Buffy some advice.


Written before we found out who Wood is, an explanation for his presence.

"Wearin' o' the Green"  

A St. Patrick's Day fic.

"Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve"  

Set after 'Dead Things', Buffy tries to prove to Spike that she loves him.

"Welcome to Sunnydale"  

Set before the Season 7 opener, Spike returns to town...this time, with a soul.

"We'll Always Have Sunnydale"  

Think 'Casablanca', but with a much better ending.

"What a Girl Wants" 

She likes cheese. 

"What the Pig Saw"   

Ever wonder what stuffed animals think?  This is way cute.

"What The Pig Did" 

Spike decides Mr. Gordo needs to stop sitting around. 

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

A tribute to George Harrison.

"White Lie"  

Buffy's lies come back to haunt her.

"Wish Come True"  

Spike makes a wish that turns out to be very bad.


If Dawn gets in trouble on Tuesday, what happens to Buffy on Wednesday?

"World Traveler" 

Buffy wants to hear about all the places Spike has been.


Set after 'Dead Things', Spike goes out for a drink and runs into someone else who is suffering.

"Wrong Things"  

Buffy needs an explanation for her and Spike.

"You Get What You Need"  

Spike mulls over what happened to him in Africa.

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